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It didn’t take long

for me to remember why I do not usually go to "Gospel music" concerts.  It is just not my preferred genre of music.  It does not inspire my faith.  It makes me tired and frustrated and I really don’t think it is meant to do that. 

Maybe if it was in a different setting – rather than in a church with a bunch of older people sitting on hard pews – it would be fun.  And if the music was either really "gospel" without the country or more bluesy or inspired ones feet to dance – then maybe it would be different. 

I know that tonight the keyboard player was fantastic but otherwise it was not so great.  Not that it was horrible – just not enough to leave me feeling good.

I suppose that being up till 2 am last night babysitting did not contribute to my enjoyment of the evening either.

Now off to cover my poor hanging baskets and plants so tonight’s possible frost does not kill them all and then to bed.

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