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That felt as if I accomplished something


Tonight I changed the burner in our old barbeque.  It works!  One of my children will inherit our old barbeque if they want it. 

At first I wondered if I could do it.  The instructions seemed a bit complicated and I had trouble getting the old burner out to begin with.  Then I figured that out and the rest was a matter of following the instructions. 

A new grate to hold the ceramic tiles would also be a good idea.  Metal subjected to high heat pretty much oxidizes away so it is looking a bit sad. 

After that task was accomplished, I moved a big chunk of cement to use as a base under one of my big urns, leveled that area out and did some weed removal there.  It is ready to plant – if I decide to leave it there.  I have to get a better look at it in the light of day.  I am NOT going to fill it and then try to move it. 


It felt good to be outside working in the yard.  I need to spend more time doing that.  It clears my mind.

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