It is hard to put things into public words when there is so much going on inside.  So I don’t say much that seems profound these days.  Maybe I can’t cause I am not that sure what is even going on.  Life changes.  I struggle to keep up or something.

However, on a more down to earth level, we are having a visit from Leo’s brother, Paul.  Last night we barbequed for the first time on our new natural gas barbeque and for just about the first time ever, Leo tried his hand at barbecuing.  He did not burn the hamburgers!  I think his problem is multi-tasking.  It seems hard for him to be talking and cooking at the same time.  And there are not too many ways to make him shut up – so he pays more attention to his conversation than he does to the state of the cuisine.

We sat a bit around the fire pit in the backyard.  ‘Til the girl’s techno dance music drove me upstairs.  But they seemed to be having fun.

Then we babysat while the girls went out with friends for more partying.  I went to bed with the baby monitor next to me and as far as I know – baby slept and so did I.  Until my inner clock woke me at about 4 am.  I’ll probably go back to bed and try to get some more sleep but it seems no matter what, I still wake up at the same time.

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