There is a certain finality to the baby packing up and leaving.  Even if it is just for summer school and she will be back in 2 months for a final 2 months before fall session starts.

It is not like she has gone so far.  Not like she will not be back.  Not like we had to push her out. 

Its time. 


But then why does it seem as if there is a big hole in my heart?


She made me cupcakes for Mother’s Day.  Left 4 of them for us to enjoy.  And the house is suddenly quiet.  And empty.

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  1. Ours just left on the bus tonight too. Our house feels a little too much bigger and quieter too. Maybe we should have a condolence party… and drink some wine… and toast our daughters…

  2. Linea

    I am missing her more than I could have imagined and it seems as if there is so little reason for it. But the loss just sort of sits there and hurts. Maybe it comes from being tired for other reasons as well. I don’t know.

    I will take you up on the wine some night. It wouldn’t be right to start the day off with wine, would it?