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Picking up on clues

Senior Hikers

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Afraid of Growing Old?

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Aging Babyboomers

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Isn’t it great how the internet latches on to words in our e-mail to suggest sites we might want to visit? You too could be linked to someplace suitable for your old age just by mentioning it in an e-mail.

It is scary that someone out there might need to link up with another active senior by an internet site. Finding friends who like to hike – or whatever sounds a little like an on-line dating service.

And then all the health tips – or promises of some magical potion to postpone the inevitable aging process. Maybe one would need that if they are out there looking for a job in our ageist culture.

Makes me think of my 80ish patient who came in lamenting that she was being forced to retire at last.

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There is a certain finality to the baby packing up and leaving.  Even if it is just for summer school and she will be back in 2 months for a final 2 months before fall session starts.

It is not like she has gone so far.  Not like she will not be back.  Not like we had to push her out. 

Its time. 


But then why does it seem as if there is a big hole in my heart?


She made me cupcakes for Mother’s Day.  Left 4 of them for us to enjoy.  And the house is suddenly quiet.  And empty.

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