Playing with the pipers

That was fun.  When one is playing a single instrument with a whole orchestra and about twelve pipers and drummers, being a little bit off or missing a note is not a big deal.  It was fun to just sort of let go and play and not worry too much about the fine tuning!

The PA Strings did play three pieces on our own.  The 1st Symphony by Boyce, especially the first movement is my biggest challenge.  It is  fast and hard to make all the note changes.  But I love the second movement – all pizzicato and slow.  And Folk Tune Air and Schindler’s list also slow and with feeling. 

So it went well. 

That is the last time we play together this season.  Next season will be interesting from my perspective.  Two of our other bassists will be gone.  Jenelle goes off to teach in Belgium and Kate leaves for post secondary education, wanting to become a pilot.  I’m glad it will be my third year with this instrument.  It does get easier every year.

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