hello out there…

I now have Skype. 

Before he left, Asen installed it for me so that when the time comes I can talk to my daughter and grandson and see them.  Glad he was here to help get it all set up.

Tomorrow early Asen leaves for the long drive east to Toronto to find an articling position as he begins his career in law.  Hope he finds something good.  He is a smart guy.

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  1. Terry

    Hi Linea
    Patrick called me on Sunday to say he sent in a resume but HR doesn’t seem to have it. I don’t know how to reach him and I have certainly put in my two cents for him. Can you please tell him to email his resume to lori.adams@affinity.cu.ca?

  2. Either you and Randall are on another planet or I am….which is it????? What the heck is Skype anyway????;-)

  3. Linea

    Skype is an internet phone service. If you have it and Shannon has it – with a web cam and a microphone you can see and talk to each other. It is a very inexpensive way to call plus see the person you are talking to.