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Full house

Over the weekend, I had all my littlest grandchildren around.  I love them but it made for a busy weekend.  I do believe I was so tired that I felt sort of sick. 

Last night Kieran – one of the not so little ones – was having trouble sleeping.  He has bad dreams that keep him from wanting to go to sleep.  So he came down and we were talking about it.  It reminded me of the nights my dad would come in to my bedside and pray for me when I was frightened.  So that’s what Kieran and I did.  He does not have a very clear concept of God.  He wasn’t so sure about having this God person around that he could not see.  But It seemed to make some sense that God cared for us and that he could depend on God to protect him.  So he let Grandma pray for him.

I think he slept.  He was up for breakfast when I was leaving for work.  

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