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Who would have thought

… that putting together a worship service was such a chunk of work!

I think we are ready.  Tomorrow the B team (B is for best) gets together to practice.  Sort of a trial run for me since I haven’t led worship for ages.  Getting things together for a service in my past meant choosing a few songs that the sole pianist would then play.  For a worship team things are a bit different.  We need music with chords as well as notes.  It needs to be in acceptable keys – so that the musicians do not have to struggle with 4 flats or something and so that our creaky voices do not have to reach unattainable heights.  Then to get all the words and stuff to the helpers who put it on the computer and round up a sound guy for Sunday.

And it all needs to come together in a way that will bring praise and honor to God – who is after all, the one we are preparing this for and to whom we want the attention to be given.  So I do not want to mess up.  I want it to focus attention on the one we are worshipping. 

It has given me a new appreciation for the wonderful people who do this week after week and seem to pull everything together effortlessly.  I know that it is a good piece of work.  I think that my usual role of playing is a whole lot more simple. 

Can hardly wait for next Sunday when I am back to my simpler task.


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