The opinion

From the back row, where I was standing was that it went pretty well.  The dancers were great.  And that added a whole important element to the show.  In fact they were what really gave it class and made it a show rather than a recital of sorts. 

We butchered the Brandenburg though.  I think that was the worst we have played it in a long time.

One more concert we are in on May 2nd I think and then this season is over.


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  1. Everything was totally wonderful, Linea. Grace, Alecia and I went.

    Yes, the dancing really added a special flare to the whole evening. Did you hear me whooping it up when the Irish dancers were doing their thing?? šŸ˜‰

    And for a few moments I thought Brandenburg was going to fall but the troops came through in the end!

    Great job.

  2. Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a *few* eggs. Well done playing despite feeling inadequate – sometimes you HAVE to keep going, despite feeling a bit out of your depth.

  3. Alecia

    I really give you credit for taking up the challenge!

    I enjoyed the evening. I am proud of you.
    Keep on. You are an inspiration.