This is a bit crazy

I am tired.  I just spent the last two hours trying to keep up to the incredible speed with which we are trying to play a couple of the songs for our concert.  I am beginning to ask myself why am I doing this.  Is this supposed to be fun?  Right now it does not feel good at all.  Feels as if my ego has just been nicely flattened like a rotten tomato against a brick wall. 

If I keep this up I will either have no ego left or I will learn how to play this instrument. 

Brandenburg Concerto – here we come. 

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  1. rachelle lanoie

    hi mom things we enjoy always make us feel a bit overwhelmed if we take them too seriously. just try to enjoy it after all the bass is your hobby its not like your gonna bring home the bacon with it, plus i think its really cool that you are learning to play something as unique as the bass, i cant play anything, but if i could id either wanna play the harp or the big sax. anyway just have fun love ya muchos