Goings on

Around here:

– Me plunking away at my music.  Big year end concert on Sunday at 7:30 pm at the EA Rawlinson Centre.  You are welcome to come if you do not heckle me!

– Sara ordered this fantastic leg machine thingy.  She thinks it will work magic.  Then she can bake cookies and eat them too.  She likes to bake tooooooo much.  And I like to eat it – not good. 

– There has not been a lot of exercise done by me this week.  Too much concentration on the music.  An hour of practice a night eats up the evening time. 

– going to be going down to Regina for a course on Saturday.  Conscious Sedation.  That is actually what I was doing today.  Maybe I should aim towards more unconscious sedation to keep the noise levels down.  It is tempting to send all these kids to the OR for general anesthesia but then our waiting lists get too long.

What with everything going on this is going to be one busy weekend coming up!

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