This morning I got into my frosty car to go to work.  It isn’t so cold that I feel that I have to warm it for many minutes before I drive.  And reminded of Earth Day, it is better for the environment if I don’t start it so long before. 

I got behind the wheel and looked out through the frosted window.  The window was covered with the most intricate pattern of crystals.  I recognize that, for me, seeing such beauty stirs in me a sense of wonder. 

I do hope it warms up soon.  Frost on the window is beautiful but also means I have to clear it off to drive.  I am ready for the wonder that spring brings.  It is beginning; buds on the willows, geese returned, other bird songs are beginning, the sun rises before I leave home for work so that I drive into the sunrise each morning now. 

I need that sense of wonder.  It makes me more alive and gives me a sense of belonging in the whole scheme of things.  It helps me to appreciate how I am made and who made me.  Wonder seems to be one of those little graces one receives from God – evidences of his care and love.  It keeps me from getting too serious and full of myself and it wards off the bitterness that can accumulate from frustrations that I also face daily.

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