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The weekend was a bit chaotic. I was so tired yesterday. It was all very good and I was so happy to have all the kids home over the past few days but it is still more tiring than I realize until they are gone and the quiet settles in again.

I got a bit of time to go up and visit my littlest granddaughter yesterday afternoon, thinking that I would get a chance to do something useful for Michelle and help her out a bit. Instead, Kimia slept the whole time pretty much. I did get to hold her but I was also falling asleep. It was cozy and warm in the sun. Then Michelle got me a cup of tea and we chatted. I think they are doing fine. She is such a beautiful little thing.

Yesterday I also took about an hour in the afternoon and again a half hour in the evening to practice my bass. The songs are improving. If they didn’t go so bloody fast, I would be anticipating the concert coming up in two weeks with more excitment. Maybe I will be up to speed – but I doubt it. I will hit the occasional note and try to look "with it".

Today it is back to work. I wish I was still at home for some reason. This week is promising to be pretty cool, however and so, in spite of the geese’s return, I think spring is going to be a while in the coming. I hope I will find time this year to plant and putter in the yard.

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