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Home, noisy home!

I got home from the wedding tonight to a house full of kids and noise and laughter.  Well, actually there were some screams from the younger ones as they played "fighting" with David. 

There were fresh sugar cookies that Sara, Kieran and Zaka had made and iced.  Now they are almost gone and the volume has died down as most of the adult children settle down to watch no Country for Old Men. 

I’ve been admiring my grandson’s new teeth and puttering around in the kitchen to get ready for the early Sunrise service and our hosting of the hardy few that come so early for breakfast after. 

Then we have a big Easter dinner with about 17 people gathered around our table and coffee table and the kitchen island and anywhere else they can find a spot to sit.   Then an Easter egg hunt for the kids, maybe a good walk or a nap after that. 

Then I think we will all go back on the old diet plan.  We will need to.  I think I will celebrate with a wee bit of chocolate tomorrow!

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