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Out come some pork chops

One batch of people left this afternoon – the four with the band.  For lunch we had spaghetti, garlic toast and salad.  I thought I might be able to get by without cooking supper.  But about fifteen minutes after they left, up drove another son and girlfriend.  Within minutes of his arrival the leftovers had been devoured.  And since they are only staying till tomorrow, I had better feed at least the girl friend one decent meal.  So out came the pork chops. 

I think I had better go for a long walk.  Sara is also in the process of making carrot cake cupcakes.  By the end of this weekend I may have to go back on that no-carb part of the South Beach Diet just to lose all the extra weight I will put back on this weekend.  I should have gone ahead and bought those mini-eggs.  What more harm could they do?

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You never know what will show up

It seems I have The Rebellion at my house tonight.  They are in town to play at Belly Up, a local pub.

One spare bedroom for Annette and the grandkids.  The other for the band.

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