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Fog Ahead

This morning the fog hung low over the tops of the trees across the river and about two blocks ahead of me, everything was encased in blurry white.  I like this sense of being enclosed almost as if there is a certain peace that surrounds me.

At least that is how the mist and fog in nature make me feel.

It is quite a different when I can’t see clearly what is on my path ahead in the figurative sense.  Not knowing what lies ahead or having a sense but wondering what the future will look like makes me uneasy.  That stuff, I want to see more clearly.  I want to know.  This obscurity makes me feel off balance.  Instead of resting in the place I am, I find myself restless in the waiting times; unsettled.

I know that for the most part trying to discern clearly what is in the way ahead is not going to be useful.  Oh, plans are good and sometimes there is a sense of clarity that really helps.  But I know that I am really only called to live life moment by moment; trusting that there is someone greater than me who will help me find my way through the foggy spots. 

I need to let him enfold and envelope me with a sense of trust.  With him is always a secure place and I know that he is here, within and without, over and under me, on my left and on my right.

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