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In all my celebrating this past week of babies and birthdays, I also had a doctor’s appt.  The old annual physical.  I guess if I tell of my health conundrums here, I should not be distracted by all of this other stuff from reporting on how the health stuff is going.

As one gets older the annual physicals get less attractive.  There is no automatic bill of health.  The weight or the blood pressure is up too much and there are always a bunch of lab tests and sometimes worse procedures to anticipate. 

This year I think I am actually healthier than the past one.  So it was not too bad.  The weight was down a bit.  Blood pressure the same.  No new medications to add to the list except a small dose of ASA as a precaution (I guess the use of low dose aspirin is still in some dispute).  All the tests on my heart function seem to come back as essentially normal. 

So, I guess I am good to go till the next event!

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I think I’ve had enough

… of celebrating my birthday. It started on Thursday when we had cake and such at the office. The birthday girl can hardly not eat her own cake – right? Then Friday was the real birthday day and Leo and I went to Amy’s for supper. Lobster is a fairly light meal right? So, I was justified in having white chocolate pecan cheesecake for dessert. Saturday saw us heading out to Waskesiu to the Lost Creek Resort for an afternoon and evening with friends.

On the way out, just outside the park, we almost ran into some elk.Elk at Waskesiu 002 They were so close I think I could have touched them. But they are wild and I have heard that they are not to be messed with. They are tall and have long legs with a wicked kick.

They certainly were not bothered by our presence.

Later on in the afternoon I went snowshoeing with our friend and we did not see even a squirrel for wildlife! There were lots of tracks. Maybe we made too much noise.

The rest of our spare time this weekend was spent admiring our newest granddaughter. Kimia a4 I think she is so beautiful. But I think dresses are not on the parents wish list for her. Maybe a camo outfit would be acceptable.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she was a really girly girl? No, maybe that would not be funny.



Kimia a5

I think her daddy will bring her up right.  Or try.

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