This is a cool tool

Jordon mentioned Windows Live Writer on his blog and the way he was singing its praises I decided to try it out.  I liked the sound of an easier way to upload pictures into the blog.  I used it yesterday and pictures are easy to insert into the entry.  I think I still have things to learn about it – like how to line things up and all.  But I think it will be a tool that I use regularly. 

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  1. I had been using the beta version for about a year and I loved it for the most part. I didn’t realize it was out of beta with a new version until I read Jordon’s post. It’s a great tool!

  2. Yeah, I used to use it too, but I found it was too buggy, with dates etc.

    Perhaps it’s all grown up now and in better form…

  3. I guess we will see!

  4. I’d say the latest version is much improved.