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Arioso and the Jazz Guise

Yesterday I received an early birthday gift – a pair of tickets to attend a concert. So I called up a friend and we went. It was a great evening out. And it is good to have friends whose taste in music extends beyond Country (like my dear husband – I blame it on his being a-tonal)

Arioso is a local trio of women who sing a variety of light music – including jazz. They have voices that blend nicely and obviously enjoy singing together.

The Jazz Guise is a quartet – piano, bass guitar, upright bass and drums. They are very good and I would certainly go hear them again. I like their style and Mike has a good jazz voice. Our city actually has an amazing amount of talent and there is good stuff happening here in the arts and music. I wish we had a venue that offered jazz – maybe a nice coffee house or restaurant or pub. I wonder if we are large enough to sustain such a venture?

The purpose of the evening was to raise money for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers organization who will send monies raised on to the Steven Lewis Foundation. A good cause. It’s an organization that has sort of captured my interest since I heard Steven Lewis speak last year. Maybe something I will join if I have more time in the next few years.

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