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I have been stressed and I have survived. The doctor says there seems to be nothing to worry about but that, just in case my heart really does fibrillate every now and then, I should take 81mg of ASA a day. That is a whole lot better than a heart attack.

I think we may have to invest in a treadmill. The short workout on that one today was a better work out than 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Plus no sore butt from a rigid plastic seat. I think if I want to have a fun older age that I need to make sure I exercise and keep reasonably fit.

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This morning I head up to the Stress lab for a stress test. All this is due to the funny heart flutters I had a while back.

I still have occasional flutters but, aside from noticing, the funny feeling, they do not provoke a lot of concern on my part. I guess I will see if they are significant or just passing flutters.

So they are going to stress my heart this morning. Maybe yesterday holding crying squirming fighting children while trying to do fillings would have been a better stress test than walking on a tread mill in calm surroundings.

Ah, well. I guess my stresses would be difficult to duplicate in a lab.

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