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Keeping my balance

Life seems to be rolling along at a steady fast pace. If there is one thing I could ask for these days it would be time for quiet and solitude. I try to plan for it but it is easy to let the days slip by till it is too late to arrange a weekend away, or I find that the weekend I thought I could take is the one where all my kids are planning to visit. I can’t go running off on them!

Now spring is approaching. Easter is so close and then we will be in the run up till summer.

At the church we have set up some prayer stations. This space often becomes the haven I seek for a few moments in quiet with God. I grab a few moments of quiet when I can get them. Life just does not seem to slow down otherwise to let me take days of time for this. So I will take the moments I have and try to watch for places in my sometimes hectic schedule where I can see God’s presence making itself known. Sometimes it is just a few minutes talking with a staff member going through tough times, a friend who wants to go for coffee or being able to give some help with an essay my daughter is struggling to write. Sometimes it is the wide open loving eyes of my grandson who comes for a visit – love freely given and joyfully accepted.

Right now my quiet is waiting for a patient to get numb, writing this and reflecting on life. This helps me keep my balance too.


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