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Wendy tagged me with a meme – so here goes.

Six non-important things about myself:

  1. When I am looking through a magazine I usually start at the back. And I have no idea why.
  2. I have a huge fear of heights. Especially high bridges. Driving over them makes me feel as if I am going to drive over the edge so I keep my eyes fixed on the car or lane immediately in front. Walking over such a bridge would probably make me sick. Flying for me, however, is perfectly fine.
  3. Back in the 60’s when going braless was a sign of impending feminism, my girlfriend and I decided to do it while we were the head cooks at our church camp. I doubt that anyone noticed. We were both skinny and flat chested.
  4. I do not like to have to take any medication in liquid form. I do not like to have to taste stuff like that. Unfortunately, most liqueurs also have the same effect on me and remind me vaguely of cough syrup.
  5. I have a built in navigational sense that lets me, most times, retrace my route to a place I have visited before. It is best if I was doing the driving but most times I can sense the way somehow even if I could not tell anyone else how to get to the destination.
  6. I love shoes. I love the feel of good leather and the comfort of a good fit. I love unique colours and style. Most of all I love it when a good shoe has both comfort and style and comes in my size.

I won’t name names but if you want to do this consider yourself tagged.

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