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It has been a busy week

There has not been a lot of time to blog this week. I’ve had a very important visit from my daughter-n-law and the grandchildren on top of an exceptionally busy week at work. Work has gone past 5 most nights and then it is home to organize supper and whatnot. It seems as if every night I have needed to go out for picking up stuff at the store or back to the office for some more writing.

Last night was to meet a potential assosciate. I liked her so maybe there is hope for me of slowing down. This is just the start of checking things out so we will see. But that hope is good. It makes me realize that slowing down at work is something I really need.

Today I pack up and head up to the lake for a women’s retreat. I look forward to some reading and will pack along the laptop for some writing.

Before I go I have to make a visit to the hospital to get attached to a Haulter monitor. Just following up on those irregular heart beats I had about a month ago. Stress test comes in a couple more weeks. Ever since my irregular heart beat incident I have been feeling great so I doubt there will be a lot of abnormal things found. But one never knows!

I wonder what next week will hold.

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