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Family Day

Well, I don’t know as this has been a restful holiday – Family Day.

Family Day sometimes means the family can do what they want but I have work to do. It meant that this weekend.

However, I have gotten a lot of work done on two writing assignments. I have done a rather longish essay. Have to see if I can trim it a bit over the next week. I am verbose, I guess. But my in house writing critic says it is good – well balanced and he said it was interesting to read and that he learned some things.

(Sometimes I criticize him for being a bit arrogant, what with his amazing memory and ability to write quite well himself besides having a gift for teaching. Just the other day he came out with one of his old lines about the “spiritual” ones who attend his class – as opposed to us who like to spend time visiting following the service – and it made me fairly mad!)

I will grant him the pleasure of my forgiveness for his smug words since he is fairly lovable anyway and since he was such a big help today. And since it is Family Day I guess we can be benevolent towards the guy who is a big part of this family.

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