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This afternoon, I was at my office where I have a spot in the basement – my private office – sort of. It is really our lab but we don’t do a lot of actual lab work. I have a desk in there; there are no windows and no one in the office to distract me from my writing. I was getting deep into the writing of my paper: Mystical and Ecstatic Experiences in Christian Spirituality when I heard my dentist partner coming in the back door. Maybe he wondered who was in the office since I had driven my daughter’s car there instead of my own.

Nope – He was responding to the call of one of our patients whose foster daughter had had a skating accident a few minutes before.

Amazingly, Roger just returned from a course on endodontic emergencies. He began telling me about a new technique that could be used with teeth broken just at the root level in young people so that the root would remain in place preserving the bone for future restoration.

Wouldn’t you know it, this amazingly calm, sweet and cooperative child had broken her tooth off just where the enamel of the crown joined the root. He got to try out the new technique and I, since I was there at the office anyway, was able to assist him. Next week we will take the broken crown of that tooth and I will attach it to an orthodontic wire so that she will no longer be toothless.

One of those interruptions in my day that make life as a dentist so rewarding. And I am just about finished my paper too. Tomorrow should finish it – unless I have a new interruption to distract me.

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