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Trying to sum up the week

A week ago Leo had his surgery. Since then he has made another trip up to Thompson to speak – on addictions, I think. he is back home now and his diet has gone from clear fluids to food that one could drink through a straw. Such a variety of foods – soup, tomato juice, yogurt with no lumps, milk.

He was eating his soup watching me eat a pork chop and vegetables with envy tonight. A few more weeks and he will be back on solids – just small, wee, tiny portions! A whole life style change and for the better.

And as usual, because of his speaking engagement, we were apart for the umpteenth year in a row for Valentines Day.

It has been a topsy turvy week – from the warm weather of Mexico back to the icy north. From a hotel room back to the comfortable familiarity of home. From time off back to a busy week of work. Friends going through surgery too and now entering the recovery stage. From office routines to the school dental program and six spacers on their way to the lab.

I was telling my spiritual director that in many ways this month for me has been about hope – hopes realized, some hopes yet to be fulfilled but now possibilities. I think this week was a little bit like a condensed version of the hopes of this month – pretty intense but good.

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