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Picture us – a middle aged man, too heavy by far and a middle aged wife( who would not look so dumpy if she was skinnier and trim) sitting together in the confined space of an airplane seat. After three hours it gets old. But there is absolutely no where to move. One wiggles their toes but that is about all the space allows. I was in the middle seat, wedged between Leo and some strange man. It was not the most fun trip in the world traveling back from San Diego to Minneapolis.

But you know what? The next time Leo and I travel together will be better. He will never again be as heavy as he is now. Even when he flies to Winnipeg tomorrow, he will be a bit smaller than he was yesterday.

For Leo and I that is good news. We look forward to some good years enjoying life together. The surgery that Leo had has brought a lot of hope to both of us. We spent some of our traveling time anticipating places we would like to go together in the next few years.

Hope is a good thing. Love is a good thing. The two seem to mix well.

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