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Oh – Bargaining!

This afternoon I tagged along with another family from PA to go shopping. They have been down here before and this time dared to rent a car.

Down to Revolution Boulevard.

During the day it is lined with shops – the little shops common to third world tourist shopping. At the entrance to each is a salesman/con man offering you the most special price of the day – 80% off just for us since we are from Canada and so friendly. And no tax. Boy they know their lines! Each shop sells pretty much the same thing, same quality. Shopping becomes a whole new source of entertainment and we are the sideshow.

I got the required gifts for children and grandchildren and a good long walk in for exercise.

At night this same street becomes a place to buy other wares. Women are lined up along the buildings in the thousands I am told. I don’t think I care to see that. I personally find that kind of spectacle too hard to stomach.

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