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The luxury of extra time

By yesterday afternoon I knew that I had a big cancellation this morning. My staff tried their darndest but – well, it remained an empty slot in the schedule. So instead of stressing about sitting in the office with no patient, I decided to use this time to start packing for our trip to Mexico on Thursday.

So, I am still at home at the late hour of 9 am! And I am mostly packed except that somehow I have misplaced my bathing suit. It was used last at the cabin over the Christmas break to go hot tubbing – and not by me – so it is around somewhere.

The weather in Tijuana is supposed to be warm – about 20C and for us northerners that is warm enough to sit by the pool.

Leo has been anticipating this trip for over 6 months. Lap band surgery will be done and he will spend time with the doctor there picking up some skills on filling these bands for others from these parts that have had this procedure in the past – and future.

I will lug along my laptop and books and get work done on the essay that is due shortly for my course. To me that will also be relaxing – a bit at least. Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax. Writing essays ranks a bit lower on the pleasure scale.

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