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Transfiguration Sunday

A quote from the book by Edith M. Humphrey, Ecstasy and Intimacy: Where the Holy Spirit Meets the Human Spirit, p. 89

In Luke 9:28-36, we watch another rabbi taking his inner group of disciples to a holy place to pray. They call him “Master” but through this event he will be revealed as greater than any mystical rabbi, indeed, greater than both the law-giver and the prophets….Their master enters into significant communion with Moses and Elijah, both of whom had, in their lifetimes, powerful revelations of God’s power, and poignant moments of intimacy. Moses, we remember, spoke with God “mouth to mouth”; Elijah was visited by God’s still, small voice in a time of despair. These two great servants of God talk with Jesus about his death to come, in terms that clearly recall God’s delivering power in past times – Jesus is being strengthened in order to accomplish his “departure” (literally his “Exodus”, 9:31) his redemption of the people, in Jerusalem. The disciples, though they do not understand all this, are themselves embraced by the glory of the scene. Though they are afraid, the cloud of glory, the numinous presence of God, envelopes them, too, and they are left with the sound of the Father’s voice ringing in their ears: “This is my beloved Son, my chosen, listen to him!”

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