Winter Storm

We are in the midst of another winter storm. This one is bringing plenty of snow and very cold, cold freezing temperatures. With the wind chill it will be about – 54 C tonight.

That is about as cold as I need as a reminder of the “good old days” of my youth when it seemed as if these temperatures were more common. Maybe that is just because in those days I walked to school – both to high school and up to university. I can still remember the wind coming around the arts building like in a wind tunnel and walking against it the last part of the way to class.

Anyway, with all the snow our snow blower is going to begin to earn its keep tonight. I wonder how frozen I will get running it – or if Massa will die of hypothermia in my place.

I wonder how much Massa must miss the Congo on days like this. He will need hot tea or soup tonight!



Yep, I got home and Massa was already there running the snow blower, the driveway almost cleared. Then without coming in to warm up he shovelled the areas the snow blower could not reach and cleared off the front deck. From spending his Janurarys at +30 C to -30 C in two years. And he hardly ever complains.

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  1. Alexis

    oh auntie! I walked that very same walk today… the wind still whips around the Arts building just the same!

  2. Peg

    I remember our year in Bible College we had a student from the Phillipines. He lived with his aunt and he so graciously shoveled her walk for her. Only problem was he didn’t realize that in weather that was -70 with the windchill your skin began to freeze in less than a minute. Unfortunately his poor ears bore the brunt of this and ended up almost as large as his head with frostbite and he actually became very sick for several days.

    I remember when we asked him why he didn’t go inside when he started to feel the cold. He just said he thought that was how he was supposed to feel and was trying to be tough.