My Day

Today was just one of those days – nothing special. Just routine.

Get up (slowly) eat, go for groceries. Deliver the coffee cups to the church. Put away groceries at home.

Clean off all the counter tops in the kitchen so I could take pictures at the request of the people who made and installed them. ( looks rather nice in the kitchen with uncluttered counter tops.

Practice. I can now play the Brandenberg Concerto No. 3 page 1 in less than 30 minutes. Gee, I could perform an hour concert with less than three pages of music!

And then reading. I have lots of reading to do for my paper. And it is not always easy to read this stuff without falling asleep. So I did that too for awhile.

Made supper, went up to the hospital to visit a friend.

Didn’t do much else and soon it is time to end the day.

I wish more of my days passed at this pace.

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