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Around our house

New around our house – Leo is on a low/no carb diet in order to get ready for lap band surgery. He is doing so well that I may try it too. I could stand to lose a few pounds. Leo is following the South Beach diet. The purpose is to shrink his liver so that the surgery will be easier. He also stands to lose about 20 pounds in the process.

Yesterday I traveled to Saskatoon for an appointment with my spiritual direction supervisor. It was a good meeting.

I also used the opportunity to spend time with three of my kids there. Patrick and Amanda and I went to lunch at Moxies. Wow, have they redone their decor since I was there last. Very posh.

Then to a very unposh but utilitarian recording studio to see Christian. He is drumming for Josh Palmer and they are recording a disc. They got a grant or something so they are working with a professional recording person and have been able to upgrade some of their equipment. It was fun to listen in. I was in the sound booth. What an incredible mixer!

Then off to see Rachelle and Ronin. Asen was studying at his place. Took Rachelle out for an early supper. By that time I could feel my cold begining to make my head ache and my eyes water. Went to her place and crashed on her bed for an hour before driving home.

The ride home was god. The roads were pretty clear. The sky was also clear and out there in the middle of nowher, away from the city lights, they sparkled beautifully in the sky. My headlights were so dim though that I had to get out and wash road gunk off them to see my way home.

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