See Amid the Winter’s Snow…

We got a good bit of the white stuff overnight and even though the sun is shining it seems to be falling out of the blue. I suppose it is blowing off the roof.

This morning saw me outside early shoveling the front deck at about 6 am.

Today we are supposed to be having delivered a new bed for our spare room downstairs in the basement. And I would really like it for this weekend when a few of my offspring are arriving with babies in tow. You see I want them to sleep well enough so that thye will decide to come back again soon. And they will all be here for Christmas. I want to be ready.

So the delivery people have to be able to get to the door.

We have a long driveway and one of those pie shaped lots that is wider in the back then at the front. As I was shoveling snow off the steps and deck, I had to throw it way over the snow piled up already. We do not have much room to dispose of snow. It is only the first week in December. I suspect we’ll have more snow one of these days. Not sure where we will put it.

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  1. A good bed is a great thing to come home to. I’m sure your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Maybe you should go shopping for a snow blower too?????

  2. Linea

    I was seriously thinking that we need a snowblower now that we have no young men around to shovel. Our young woman has no intentions of getting up early in the morning to shovel it seems.

    So if it is just me – a snowblower may be needed.