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Winter Vacation

Winter at the cabin Waskesiu

It was a beautiful way to spend a few days. The weather was mild. A fog kept the landscape covered in white.

It was so quiet in the forest that as the ravens flew overhead their wings could be heard beating the air.

cabins in winter

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Surgery is done

Thanks to all of you who were thinnking of Rachelle. We are in from the lake and on our way up to see her at the hospital. Asen is holding down the fort, so to speak, bottle feeding Ronin till she can take up her usual place as prime food source again.

Maybe she will get a few hours at the lake if all goes well.

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The Attack of the Inflammed Gall Bladder

About 3 am Rachelle had an acute gall bladder attack. Horrible pain. So her day has not been the greatest and our plans for going out to the lake have shifted a bit. We’ll be back and forth I’m sure but she will probably not get to enjoy this at all. She will have surgery either tonight or tomorrow – most likely tomorrow. We have been waiting all day at the hospital and she is on heavy pain killers and antispasmodics.
She is a tad disappointed since this was her big idea – some family time at the lake. So upon her insistence, the rest of us are going out and will try to have a good time remembering where she is.

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Merry Christmas

Chilling out after a big day yesterday. The leftovers are just about gone. I remarked to my kids that it is a bit like a flock of vultures descending on the remains!

I am enjoying some of the gifts received last night. I am getting my new little i-pod touch set up. So, I have been playing with that. We also got a new and faster router so downloading songs and pictures is not so painfully slow. Stuff does not time out on me at least. Now when I watch a you-tube clip I can watch it without waiting for it to download in little bits.

New cordless mouse too. Nice.

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Home for the Holiday

One batch of whipped shortbread out of the oven, Sara has done a batch of sugar cookies, and she is in the process of making some sweet little cheesecakes. The sugar cookies were consumed almost as soon as they were out of the oven.

Everyone is back in PA for the holiday. Christian even cut his gig short by one day to make it back for sure. You have no idea how glad I am for that.

It is good to have all my kids back home but it is going to be quite a day tomorrow. There is still a lot of stuff to cook, potatoes to peel and turkey and ham to cook. And there are still some gifts to wrap.

You know how everyone laments the commercialism of Christmas with all the gifts we spend our money on. But for our family, it is a coming home time, a time of celebrating who we are as a family. We are lavish in our giving to each other and to those around us that we love. I guess it is a way of celebrating our bond of love to each other. Even the volatile parts of who we are, and how we put up with each other is amazing at times.

And I guess if this is a time of remembering that Jesus came to bring peace on earth, it is fitting that this celebration over the past few years has become a healing time for our family.

So the noise levels will be high. Grandpa will be told he needs to turn up his hearing aid and turn down the TV repeatedly. Babies will cry and coo. The cousins will run around and have a great time. I will be ready to retreat to a quiet spot if I can find one by Christmas Day when our festivities will be winding down already.

Then we pack up and for the first time try something new. Off we go to Waskesiu for a few days in some cabins out there. We’ll see how that goes. I hope we can relax and have lots of fun together.

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Today I went on-line to check again the due date for our course report. In the printed syllabus it does say – due by Jan 1. But it seems that due to the good St john the Baptist, whose day is on Jan 8, we get a week more to get this report in.


I wonder what were the chances the profs would be checking up on us on Jan 1 anyway. They probably needed the reprieve as much as we do.

But I am very glad and relieved.

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Feeling just a bit of panic

I have been on top of things for my course – till this reporting period. Now it seems we have a report and stuff due before Jan. 1.

I am feeling a slight bit of panic. I need time. And I don’t know where I will pull some from.

I guess I just will not be wasting any time over the next two weeks. Not like there is a major event happening or anything!

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