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Remembering Dad

It has been two years since Dad died. It is longer since he could interact with us all like the dad we grew up knowing so in some ways it seems longer than two years. But, I have been remembering him this week. His going – so quiet and slow. Being there, loving him as well as one can in the last days and hours. Hearing the last “I love you” from him a couple of weeks before he was done this life.
Today we get together as a family to remember him and to keep alive those connections we have to each other as a family.
It is good to remember.

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Stopped at a red light

Stopped at a red light.
In the oncoming turning lane, a little red car was also stopped. The driver was deeply involved in some music. Her head was bobbing up and down and even her hands were in on the movement. As the light changed, I drove on and passed her car waiting to turn. She had to have been in her mid forties.

And I thought, whoa mama! Either you really like your music or you are wishing you still rocked.
Reminder to self – when singing in the car keep it down. It looks a bit weird from the outside.

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The weekend stuff

This weekend I have cleaned out stuff and taken it over to Value Village. That felt good – like I got something concrete done.

Rachelle arrived on Saturday night with Ronin and will be here for a week. It is good to have them here. Today Rachelle and Leo went to see American Gangster and I got to babysit. I don’t get to do that everyday. Maybe that is good! I think I would get tired. but for a few hours, I can handle it.

Yesterday I spoke in the morning service. There were not many people out. Some of the congregation I know went over to the armories for the Remembrance Day Service there. Our service was less geared to a military remembrance, more a remembering those in lands where there is no peace. An al bodies values our physicd the sermon was on the resurrection – more precisely on our belief as Christians in the resurrection of the body. And that belief has implications for how we treat our bodies. If God values our physical bodies, then we should perhaps treat them with both more respect, caring for them now and with less fear for what will happen to them. Most of all we don’t want to get sidetracked into the belief that our spirits are on a sort of higher spiritual plane than the rest of us. God created us in such a way that our body, soul and spirit are somehow integrated into who we really are, and he desires to reside at the core the of our beings. Our humanness seems to bring him great delight and I believe he is longing to restore us to the state he intended for us at creation.

From my sermon:
When I think about God wanting to restore us in our bodies at the resurrection, to restore us to the state he intended for us at creation and indeed to restore all of creation, I come face to face with a great mystery. Perhaps my right attitude to being human is to acknowledge that God wants to be present at each moment of my human existence.

Any way, that was the gist of it.

And I got to play a David Crowder song that I really like – Come Awake – from the CD Collision

Are we left here on our own?
Can you feel when your last breath is gone?
Night is weighing heavy now
Be quiet and wait for a voice that will say

Come awake, from sleep arise
You were dead, become alive
Wake up, wake up, open your eyes
Climb from your grave into the light
Bring us back to life
You are not the only one who feels like the only one

Night soon will be lifted, friend
Just be quiet and wait for a voice that will say
Rise, rise, to life, to life

Light will shine
Love will rise
Light will shine, shine, shine, shine
He’s shining on us now

So, all in all, it was a good weekend and a busy one. Today I mostly relaxed and did nothing of great significance. I needed a lazy day.

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Fear is so debilitating

I spent my day in the OR. Three long cases. It is good to get these big cases done but it is a long and tiring way to do dentistry. In my opinion.

It is understandable to need to do very small children this way. We sometimes don’t have a lot of sympathy for the parents who in many cases have neglected their child’s health. It is easier not to brush a toddler’ s teeth than to struggle with them to get it done. It is easier to give the child candy or juice than to say no and have to deal with a tantrum. But it leads to a child that suffers in the long run.
It is harder to have to do a teenage child this way. It is hard to be patient with a child this age who is terrified. It has to be harder to be the parent of a child acting out when they should be a beautiful teen with a beautiful smile.

Today I paced outside the OR praying the teen would calm down and let the anesthetist do his work – so I could do my work – so she would not be in pain any more. It takes a lot of fear to need such pain to drive such a terrified child to accept help. And it makes me wonder if we will see the person again or if it will take another horrible episode of pain to bring her back.

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Election brings change

Well now the election is over and life will continue.

Hopefully not too many useful programs will be cut in the name of free enterprise. In any case they say it was the people requesting a change – we’ll have to see if we get what we deserve in the name of change.

The snow in all its white softness is maybe the most welcome change of the day. Purest too.

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Hah! Progress at last. The quiet space of the prayer room has given me a bit of the impetus I need for the sermon I am giving on Sunday.

I haven’t had enough quiet spaces lately and I need them.

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I just came in from the group study I am in and it feels so very cold. The wind is icey and is whistling through every little cranny it can get into around the windows in our house.

There were a few white flakes that fell today.

It is the kind of day that announces the inevitable arrival of winter.

I’ve ordered a new winter coat and I think winter may arrive before it does.

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