Its prayer week around here

It is quiet in the church at 7:15. Most mornings this week I have come alone and prayed alone. Well, one is never all alone when one comes aside for a bit to meet with God. And it doesn’t take a prayer week for God to show up since he is always with me – as our prayers for this week remind me – Christ above me and below me, on my left and on my right.

Most people probably think that they can just stay at home on these cold early mornings and that will just be peachy keen with God. And it will be. God is gracious but he does like to talk to us and he apparently loves for us to tell him our stuff. So, if they have been reminded of this and taken time to spend in quiet with God this week, our goal of calling the members of our congregation to prayer this week will have been accomplished.

But I am afraid most people have not taken much time. We can ignore God quite successfully when we are not in some distressing situation that stops us in our usual busy tracks.

What most people do not realize is that it is good to pray. Not just morally good in the sense that we call ourselves Christian and therefore should pray. It is just good. It is like sitting down on the couch beside a loving parent and having a good talk. It is like laying your head on the shoulder of your mother when you need to talk or cry or when you have a special joy to share.

When I pray I experience the reality of God and I together, sometimes talking, sometimes just sitting together. It is good.

On Prayer

What creates in me this need

To be alone in silence

Before You, to raise my eyes

To see if You are here, to

Let my ears become attuned,

Attend the almost silent

Whisper of Your voice?

Only Your living love can

Woo my soul like this. You

Alone, You are God.

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  1. Thanks Linea. That is beautiful.