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Moving deeper

The deeper our prayer becomes the closer we come to this mystery of God’s love. And the closer we are to this mystery the better we can live it out in our daily life. It frees us to appreciate other people’s talents without feeling diminished by them and to life up their uniqueness without feeling less unique ourselves. It allows us to celebrate the various ways of being human as a sign of the universal love of God. (Nouwen, Lifesigns p34)

At church council last night we talked about spiritual direction a bit. One comment was that it would be mainly for those who know God and wish to go deeper. That is true although anyone can be seeking a deeper spiritual life without already knowing God in Christ. In fact, some of my deeper spiritual conversations have been with people who do not even know what they are seeking. I see God at work even when they remain oblivious to who it is that is drawing them towards him.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to the Christian community of the work of spiritual direction is that as one goes deeper and draws closer to God in prayer one becomes more aware of this “mystery of God’s love.” And the experience of this mystery compels us to live out this love of God in our daily human lives. God calls us to live as lights in our dark world and I believe that our lights will together shine more brightly as we move deeper into the mystery of God.

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