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Just reflecting on weekends and love

This morning I was sitting reflecting on the weekend. I know I need to spend a weekend at home. The shopping list is getting longer and I have to find time in the evening to run and pick things up to make it through till the next real shop.

But in spite of the busyness of the past few weekends – Thanksgiving, the trip to Winnipeg and this weekend to Saskatoon – they have been very good. This weekend I spent time at Rachelle’s visiting with her, Asen and Ronin. Breakfast with Patrick at the Broadway Roastery. A very fruitful first meeting with my spiritual direction supervisor. Then off to a seminar on practice transitions (I need to retire) followed by supper with Rachelle before hitting the road for PA again.

I can’t help but take note of the power love has in transforming my children’s lives. God sneaks in there in the form they need him the most. And before they know it they have begun a slow transformation becoming different people in the process. Healthier people too when real love sneaks in.

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Learning new stuff

I have not been removing comments here, I just didn’t know where they were.

Today I found them. I have never moderated comments and so, in my ignorance, I had a bunch of comments waiting for me to approve. Or not.

And I am amazed at the number of comments that were sitting there needing deleting. Stupid spam!

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