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Here I am – in Winnipeg

Got into Winnipeg right on time this morning, picked up the rental car and made it safely to the hotel where Leo has been staying for much of this week. He treats himself well when he travels for work. I am always a bit stingy with myself. But here I am in a suite with a king sized bed and it is quite lovely. And I am hooked up to high speed which makes it even better.

Tonight I go to see Leo become a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians and then we attend a concert by Chantal Kreviazuk ( I think I mistakenly told some folks it was Christina Aguilera – which is a bit different genre of music and definitely not from Winnipeg ) So we should have a special evening together. Fun and relaxing I hope.

After yesterday, I need some relaxation. I was in the operating room all day. As I was finishing up the last case there, I got a call on the phone. A young girl had been in a skating accident – could I come back to the office and splint her teeth? It is easier to splint teeth using orthodontic brackets than just building up a splint out of filling material. So I headed back to the office, canceling my 4 o’clock appointment with my spiritual director. And lo and behold, I had forgotten that my sister was also coming in. That I had totally forgotten. My mind seems to need less busyness in order to remember things well these days. And by 6 pm Sara and I were on the road to Saskatoon where I had made arrangements to see a friend for coffee in the evening. 9:30 pm saw me back at Dave and Annette’s where they and Kieran were watching Surf’s Up on the T.V. They fed me a piece of absolutely delicious key lime pie from the Konga Cafe. And then I began to yawn. Kieran and I both hit the pillow early.

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