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Can too much be said about love?

Randall had a little discussion going on love. A friend told him that he has discovered that a lot of the complexity of his life has been simplified by his discovering that he is loved. He stated that he was “just a boy who needed to be loved.”

I think that this is a pretty profound discovery. I don’t think he is talking about the kind of stuff that passes for love between young people that after a few months dissipates, revealing it for what it was really – simply infatuation, sexual attraction or even hero worship. I believe the sort of love he is speaking about carries with it a deep knowing within him of acceptance for who he is by another who knows enough about him to know many of his warts and bumps and loves him anyway. The other not only accepts him for what he is but delights in him. And I take it that there is a reciprocal acceptance of the other.

This sort of love is found between parents and children as well. Dixie wrote about the love she has for her children and how, in spite of her not always doing the right thing for her children, she can be a good mother because she truly loves them. In fact it is partly because she loves her children so much that she cares that she does the right thing when it comes to childrearing.

I believe these kinds of human love reflect the love God has for us. And I think that our need to be loved in order to be healthy humans reflects something within us that has been planted there by our designer. If the essence of God is love then perhaps our search for love is in reality a search, at the deepest levels of who we are, for God.

One of Randall’s anonymous commenters said he didn’t think the kind of love that helps a person discover who they are exists in his world. Makes me sad to think that many people don’t know what that is like. Human love can really be life changing, as it has for this friend of Randall. It is healing and transforming and good. I think it is the kind of expression of God that we as his human followers need to live out. We need to make it real in the worlds of people who need to experience it because it really does change people. God is like that.

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