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And I am thankful for…

Here I am, almost at the end of a busy Thanksgiving day. Some of the kids are still hanging around the kitchen. A baby is crying in the room downstairs. And I think I will sleep well tonight.

We ate just about all the turkey. There might be enough for one more sandwich. And for the first time I almost ran out of potatoes before we all had filled our faces! I guess that can happen when there are 19 people around the tables! We stuffed ourselves and then had dessert. Sara makes a mean apple pie! And then there were the apple tarts with almonds that Annette brought plus pumpkin pie and ice cream.

It was good to all be together – except we missed Christian who was playing a gig in some God forsaken town and due to a flat tire missed the last bus to PA. He called though and is coming home on Tuesday. So I must go and find a smaller sort of turkey and we will feast again on a smaller sort of scale with him.

I think we met most of the boyfriends we hadn’t met before too. Hope we didn’t scare them off. We tried our best to get Leo to behave!

It was a fun day for the most part. Although finding some needles under a tree in the park where the little kids are looking for sticks to throw into the river isn’t such a great thing! Guess we need to be careful and just check out the playing spaces before the kids are allowed to scavenge sticks and pine cones and things on their own.

I am very thankful to be a mom and a grandma with a house full of noisy kids and grandkids and friends. God has blessed me richly!

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