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Its Good to be Family

The day has been busy and yet I have had a sense of well being all day long. From shopping in the morning with my girls to preparing the stuffing ingredients for tomorrow, I just have had a sense that it is good to be family. It is good to be together for this holiday. Tomorrow I will have a house full of people. And I think I will be grateful to be who I am with this huge family around me.

Tonight the grandkids were together for a little while. Kieran is idolized by Zaka. Everything Kieran does, Zaka mimics. Then later after Kieran had gone, Saka was being the bigger cousin and was trying to help hold Ronin. As he was trying to hold Ronin, Asen was taking pictures. Each time the flash would go off Zaka let out a whoop of joy. He sort of forgot that he wanted to hold the baby in favour of him being the centre of attraction himself.

Zaka is right in the terrible two’s mode. He did not want Grandma to tell him to sit at the table with his juice so he went over to the cup sitting on the table and pushed it over – on purpose. Grandma (me) was not too happy with that reaction so we were not on speaking terms for a few minutes. Not sure we accomplished any sense of my being in charge over that one!

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