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A crazy story!

I was wandering around the blogesphere and came across this story The Case of the Purloined Pin at Anotherthink.

It made me laugh – a perverse sort of little laugh. The real owner – I mean the original owner – must be a tad upset.

Warning – if a limb is amputated and you wish to be rejoined with it at departure time for the rest of your mortal remainders – chose a bit better storage place than a barbecue smoker!

Now if you are curious – slip over to Anotherthink’s site and have a read!

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Grace Filled Lives – Becoming God’s Masterpiece

A while ago I was asked to write an article for our denomination’s magazine The Covenant Companion. I did and it was published in the most recent edition. Some of you are asking if it is online and it is not – yet. So here it is. Enjoy.

Becoming God’s Masterpiece

There is a difference between belief in the grace of God and embracing its reality. I grew up with grace, believed in it, and depended on it. But the enormity of what it was didn’t come till later. Continue reading

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I decided to switch over to WordPress. No, the picture in the banner is not mine but I sure do like it, especially for this time of year. Hopefully it will change with the seasons – if I can figure out how to do that. I guess there are a few other things to tweak a bit too.

Little by little big changes happen.

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