Just stuff of very little depth

There has not been much written here lately since there has not been much time for writing these days. 

I need a break to refresh my mind. 

But the  laundry is getting done and I make it to work every day. 

Just today I missed my hair appointment – didn’t finish work quite in time and she couldn’t get me on the phone so we missed each other.  Bummer really.  My hair could have used some refreshing. 

This weekend I am off to Alberta – to a retreat I am helping with.  That will be good I think.  I was also going to attend the Early Childhood Caries conference in Calgary – but – it was full.  I have never registered a month in advance for a dental conference that was full.  I guess it will be a good one.

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  1. Anonymous

    Linea, did you ever know a missionary nurse in Zaire whose name was Cheryl Wilson. She would be about your age and was there until about 13 years ago. She was originally from Assiniboia. Leo might know her. I met her sister today in Moose Jaw. Joye

  2. Linea

    Joye, I didn’t know her. Leo might have but I don’t recognize the name. Wonder what part of the Congo she was in.

  3. If you’re in Calgary, drop me a line maybe we can do coffee.

    – Peace