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Seems there is another outbreak.  It is probably not far from the hometown of a friend. 

An old friend – he used to be our pilot at Karawa – sent a bit of a report/prayer request.  Here it is:

The news today is that there is a confirmed outbreak again of the Ebola virus in western Kasai.  The most cases have come from the Luebo area which is about 380 nautical miles southeast of Kinshasa and around 80 miles north of Kananga.  Last count I heard was 180 have died.
At this point we / MAF did one flight last week with some supplies and to take some blood samples for verification.  There is a possibility of doing one flight on Thursday and also Friday in the Caravan then we will need to do a mini – check on the Caravan which, at this point, will take place Friday afternoon and Saturday morning then return to Kinshasa Saturday afternoon.
SANRU which is kind of an umbrella organization overseeing many health projects in the country and is also connected to the Protestant Church in Congo is overseeing some of the responses along with CDC and MSF. (Center for Disease Control and Doctors without Borders ).
Last time the response from MAF lasted about six weeks.  We / MAF are already quite busy with other flights so we’ll need to be flexible in adjusting our schedules to meet the needs this disease is bringing.
At this point Ebola is not communicable through airborne means, but is communicable through fluids.  So in that respect it is similar to AIDS, but much more virulent.
Prayer requests to go along with this include:
1. Ability to keep the airplanes maintained and flyable.
2.  Good judgment with the airstrips that we will need to use.  Luebo is seven hundred meters long with an up an down slope to it.  You cannot see one end from the other since the hump is too high.  It is only ten meters wide and is built in the middle of town with houses all around it.  The other airstrip is longer but very soft so to take any kind of a load out you have to be down quite a bit on your fuel.  Bulape is also a little short at eight hundred meters long with a slope on it and it can also be a bit soft.  It also has some rough areas on it now.
3.  Pray that God will intervene and get this epidemic stopped.
4.  Strength for the ones going in on the ground to check out the surrounding villages for other cases.
5.  Understanding hearts for those who had flights scheduled and now may get bumped because of this epidemic.
6.  Availability of fuel to keep everything going.
So pray as you feel led.  We are willing and want to be used by God to further His Kingdom here.
God Bless,
Daniel R. Carlson


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