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This day

Today started out with early morning prayers – at 7 rather than the usual 6:30.  Since I was a tad on the tired side, the later hour worked out just great for me. 

Today we made some progress on the water leaks, I think.  The plumber is returning tomorrow to try and find the one leak and when I last checked, the other pipe was still dripping water steadily.  I thought he had fixed that one but –

Anyway, today I have been a bit tired.  A bit more stress with all these pllumbing issues I guess.  And other aspects of life brings other stresses.  And there have been those today too.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to walk in to the house and have it smelling of chocolate.  Double chocolate chip cookies.  Very chocolately.  Yum.  And now I will drift off to sleep to the smells of fresh baked buns.  I hope Sara doesn’t get too busy with classes.  This cooking/baking streak is something I like.

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