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It seems a house always needs repair!

On Saturday a pipe somewhere inside the basement ceiling started to drip.  We decided that it would have to wait till Monday.  We think it is a water pipe to the bathroom on the main floor but it is all enclosed so we really have no clue – other than the drywall on that part of the ceiling became wet and soggy and it was dripping. 

By Sunday afternoon the piece of drywall had fallen onto the floor.

Monday – the plumber has been called.  The drywall is off the small dropped part of the ceiling that contains the pipes so it will have to be repaired but that is not a huge job – yet.

Tuesday – I come home after work and go down to get hamburger out of the freezer.  The light has burned out but the furnace /storage /freezer room is very humid.  I turn on another light  and what greets my eyes but a pool of water on the floor.  Our furnace is obviously leaking from somewhere but no where obvious – as in something that could be shut off.

I began to mop.  It is hard work mopping in a small humid room, especially when it looks as if no progress is being made.  I began to haul out stuff that was wet; stuff that probably should have gone straight to the junk yard rather than into our basement storage anyway.  Now that it is wet it has to go.  Most of the good things are in plastic tubs.  We’ve had this sort of thing happen before.  We have learned a little from past disasters.

Meanwhile Sara is cooking supper, I am mopping and know that I should leave for worship practice in 30 minutes.  Leo comes home and agrees to mop for a bit, phone our other kids who have borrowed the carpet cleaner(which is a wonderful water vacuum in a disaster setting like ours) and get them to bring it over. 

So after getting back from music, I finish up the clean-up and find that what I think is an overflow pipe at the back is spewing out a slow but steady stream of water.  No wonder progress with the mop was non-existant.  Anyway, now I can get a bucket under the leaky pipe, the plumber will have a real job tomorrow.  We will be poorer but drier  by tomorrow night.  I hope.

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