Madeleine L'Engle Dies

One of my favorite authors, L’Engle, has died at the age of 88.  

Thanks, Jordon, for highlighting this story covered on the CBC website.

I read her stories, read them to my children, read as many of her books as I could get my hands on and enjoyed them all.  She seemed like such a wise woman and her women and girl characters were always strong.  I guess her interaction with science was also fascinating to me. 

She taught  valuable lessons in her writing and her faith was an integral part of that.  She strengthened the notion in me that a Godly woman should be strong, intelligent and full of deep faith. 

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  1. Hi Linea, I often come to your blog to check it out… But I was thrilled to see that you, too, liked to read Madeleine.. I wrote about her on my blog, too. I was so lucky to take a class with her, and absolutely loved her…

    Hope you and yours are all doing well. It’s fun to read up on some. How’s Rachelle?


    Cathy Stanley (-Erickson)